TIME OR NOW - Peter Paulsen



Time has baffled humanity since the beginning. People have run after it, tried to control it, and twist it. We have been so caught up with controlling time, that we have forgotten what really matters; the now! This book will help you realize a truth that we have not been aware of but have been living with for thousands of years. This book will help you realize that time does not exist; only NOW exists. You will be shown how time is just an illusion as the past has gone by while the future remains to be seen. You will see how you cannot change your past and how you cannot reach out to the future. You will come to know that NOW exists eternally and that everything only happens NOW, for an eternity. Most of all, Time? Or Now! by Mark Cordova, will make you learn that NOW is far greater than you have ever known.

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Why Read It?

Read Time? Or Now! by Mark Cordova to learn about two important facts that exist at the same time. One exists eternally, the other exists as an illusion. The one that exists eternally is NOW, the other as an illusion, which is TIME.

You will learn a huge difference between both these things. You will learn that things relative to time are extremely negative and bring despair into your life. And you will learn that you can change this by living in the NOW. Your whole outlook on life will change completely and you will be able to bring order into your life.

You will be shown that it is you that is the NOW, that remains here and that it is up to you to become the best you can be, NOW!

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