The Gnostic Scripture of Christ is an enlightening journey toward the truth that the original Christ brought forward for us all to know. Many have amended and changed it over time, but it is hard to encumber the power of authenticity. This book is all set to reveal the truth of the original Christ, along with some forgotten scriptures that will indeed rattle your soul and bring you toward enlightenment. The Gnostic Scripture of Christ by Mark Cordova will empower you to see what was meant for you from within. It will make you realize your purpose; to know and mold your way to the truth rather than merely believing all that has been fed to you for centuries.

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Why Read It?

You have heard of the bible, the Quran, and other ancient religious books. You have even heard of the dead sea scrolls.

But have you ever heard of The Gnostic Scriptures of Christ? Even the knowledge of these scriptures to have ever existed was meant to not ever be known. These scriptures were ordered to be destroyed along with those who were in possession of them. These scriptures were extremely feared by religion. Why? In this day and age, when we cannot be burned alive for knowing the Gnostic Truth, we can now know the answer. These Gnostic scriptures of Christ were unearthed in 1945 in Egypt. In the 1970’s, they were finally available to be read and translated into English from Aramaic.

The thing is, these scriptures are the true words of Christ called the Gnostic-Knowing scriptures. They were altered 325 years after the crucifixion at the counsel of Nicaea by order of king Constantine. They were altered from knowing into believing scriptures called the New Testament. And just as religion had altered them once, so again are they being altered.

So, then, the reason for reading this book is because in this book, the scriptures have been put back into their original state, removing all alterations, back into the original words that Christ would have us know here and now.

Fraises of knowledge

Father Holy is who Christ called the divine source in the lord’s prayer. He did not say God or Jesus; he said, “Hallowed be thy name.”

Christ never said he was the son of God, but he did say 27 times in the bible that he was the son of the Holy Spirit whose name is ‘man.’ Thus, he said, “I AM the SON of MAN.”

To be Gnostic means to be knowledgeable, for ‘Gnostic’ means ‘knowledge.’ To believe means to be ignorant, for a believer cannot know. I say to you, would you rather believe, or would you rather know?

The Truth is singular, for all can be united to know it. And its versions are mistruths. For there are no versions of the truth.

There are two families. One is the relatives of hate, death, chaos, and division. The other is the relatives of love, life, peace, and unity. One is outside you; the other is within you. Choose your relatives wisely.

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