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There are several stages in life when you change. For some, it can be a particular moment that physically and emotionally evolves them into a different version of themselves. Sometimes something happens, and you decide from that point on you want to act on something other than certainty. Sometimes change is for good, and sometimes, unfortunately, it can be for the worst. The third kind of change- gradual change-allows you to adjust steadily to your surroundings. You transform into the growing environment, and it conditions you to be the person society wants you to be. This can be the person you used to admire or did not like growing up. Even so, when you reach a certain age, you realize you are becoming them. If you do not like who you are at that point, you try to return to the person you were before, but if the changes are for good, you are happy you turned out this way.

Life shapes us as we grow older. Through various circumstances, it shapes you. It’s like you are a raw piece of clay, and the world around you is a pottery well twisting and turning you-molding and breaking you down. Is it nature and nurture? It may seem that we don’t have a say in our evolution. Still, there is evidence that we can develop our conscious being, which is our emotions, actions, and the ability to do even the basic things that allow us to move forward.

We often think that change can only be physical. Sometimes you change into a new person, a person who has adjusted and accommodated to various circumstances, cultural standards, and situational requirements. In these circumstances, we often have no other choice. Whether you opt to change or perish in the struggle, you may bring about change. You have to decide which fight you want to be a part of.

After experiencing things, it must have dawned upon you that people around you constantly try to prove how happy or prosperous they are instead of actually living in the moment and enjoying that happiness or success. This is because they find it more important to showcase it to the rest of the world before actually analyzing what that particular emotion means to them. But when they sit and analyze how they have been living, they realize that they were living a vision of success that society dictated to them, not what they actually thought or believed. This is when their evolution journey begins.

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