Contagious Enthusiasm - Peter Paulsen



You may have been hearing ever since you were a child, that nothing great was ever achieved without a little risk and enthusiasm. However, enthusiasm spreads like fire, keeping in mind that it must be genuine enthusiasm, not a strong interest or excitement. Excitement can be exaggerated. A striking interest can be overstated. Enthusiasm, on the other hand, occupies the sweet spot in the middle. The desire and passion for the subject or work are inspiring and serve as motivators for the entire group. It keeps the fire burning inside but does not burn itself out. The other members of the group are aware of the distinction. Your actions and words reveal whether or not your enthusiasm is genuine. Everyone desires that level of passion and desire in their lives. If they haven’t found anything that they truly enjoy, when they see it in someone else, they want to share in their joy. There is no other word to describe what it’s like to be part of something where every day and every action is enjoyable. The majority of the population lacks this level of enthusiasm.

Don’t let this elude you. Find something you are passionate about and feed off of that enthusiasm. Let that enthusiasm fuel your thoughts and actions toward that something. Your enthusiasm will shine through and touch those around you as you work toward your goal. They will sense your genuine enthusiasm for what you do. Because of this, people will want to assist you in reaching your goal. Enthusiasm is the antidote to negativity, circumstances, naysayers, and even the voices in your head. You can complete a task without it, but with it, you can ACCOMPLISH A LOT! Assisting others in finding excitement in order to develop their own everyday excellence. Enthusiasm isn’t limited to work. Enthusiasm for everything you do not only puts you ahead in dealing with whatever comes your way but also demonstrates that you are a model of what it means to be a person of value.

When it is genuine, enthusiasm can be a powerful motivator. It is a spirit that motivates us to move forward in a positive direction of our choosing. Consider the advantages of being enthusiastic: you’ll be more productive and confident, others will perceive you favorably, and you’ll have peace of mind at the end of each day. Having said that, we’ve all struggled to stay motivated and enthusiastic at work. You can see that there is a huge difference between being complete and accomplished. Accomplishment means succeeding at something. The little extras you leave behind with the intention of making people smile. Essentially, it is your personal imprint that makes life amazing for everyone who comes into contact with you! Find your passion, my friend, and feed it to yourself. Live with purpose!

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